ABOUT US Providing the best since 1995

To uphold the highest professional standards and continue to improve them to ensure efficiency and consistency.
To build a lasting, life-long relationship with our clients based on respect, service, flavor, value and pleasure.
To contribute positively to economic growth by creating job opportunities and by supporting educational, social and environmental activities. To provide the best quality while adhering to the highest food standards.


Different face. Different presentation. Same great taste.
When we began, we wanted AlKantara to have a colorful and cozy  environment . You know, the kind of place you’d go with your friends on your way to college. As the years went by, we realized we were also where you wanted to come on a date, to treat your family and maybe even to seal a business deal. So that got us to thinking about how we should look.
We enjoyed being young and casual but we knew that like our customers, “young and casual” now is different that many years before. So here we are today. The bright walls and rustic tables have given way to a smarter, more simple, urban look. Our packaging and logo have changed and we’ve added a whole new range of fresh, delicious products.
We know we look different but the more we’ve changed; the more we’ve stayed the same. Our staff is still friendly, Our food is super fantastic.
At AlKantara , we’re always on the move. Get closer, catch up with our news, share your favorite moments and photos, send us your ideas and questions , your comments and especially your criticism.
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Why we are different ?
We are authentic and modern
We taste local but we’re expanding
We’re casual and accessible but still a bit of a treat.
Our food is fast and convenient but is always prepared with care and attention.
To be your casual urban eatery of choice, today, tomorrow, forever.
To provide a unique dining experience that communicates our passion for exceptional quality and service.
To create a friendly professional working environment that embraces diversity, respect and promotes excellence, creativity and great taste.
At AlKantara, we love people but we love food even more. That’s why our restaurants adhere to strict international standards of hygiene and food preparation. That way, when we serve our customers, we both know that they’re enjoying their meal safely. Hygiene is a part of our commitment to excellence. 


We embrace our core pillars: Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value for our customers, while developing our people and seeking continuous improvement through observation.
We inspire our people to drive the “Customer Business” forward, through initiating change, building teamwork and honoring our obligations.
We persistently strive to achieve our goals and fulfill our customer’s expectations while above all, adhering to our principles.
We take 100% responsibility for action and outcome and deliver what we promised with 0 excuses.
We pursue the development of our people and seize all opportunities that lead us to growth substantially in market share and profitability.
We serve our people and customers under the guidance of strong moral beliefs that set the boundaries for our actions.

Tell us how you really feel.
Find us on facebook and Twitter and share your love.